Sponsor a Campaign

Sponsoring a campaign may entail all of the following:

1) Contributing financially for general operations

2) Consistent progress reports on said campaign

3) Will receive signed copies of final publication

4) Video updates with 1IN700 team

5) Ability to see your contribution first hand


International Gallery Shows


Currently, the 1IN700 LLC team is working on establishing a relationship with gallery owners, venue operators, and high quality printers to create an immersive experience that will exhibit the smiles of the cleft community.
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South America


Venezuela, Columbia, Chile, and Peru are all apart of another continent we hope to include in the final "1IN700" publication. We have cultivated a number of contacts there to help facilitate the photoshoots and meetings, we just need help funding the trip as a whole. 
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Early 2018, founder Zack was supposed to arrive in Australia for a 3 month tour to share all of the Australian faces for "1IN700." Unfortunately travel dilemmas was the cause for deferring the trip until the start of 2019.  More information →



One of the most awaited stops of the "1IN700" tour is the beautiful continent that is Africa. With more than a few organizations reaching out over the years to inquire on a timeline of our arrival we are finally ready to make the trip with the help of our benefactors and general backers.
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