Ohhhhh Miss Karla. Imagine my face when she walked in and had an interest in modeling! You totally have what it takes girl! And yes, she is obviously stunning but, this beauty took me by surprise with her strength and resilience. 

  While I was interacting with Karla, I couldn't help but see teenage Zack standing next to her; we would have been best friends. She exudes confidence and power with her presence; it's so natural for her. Growing up, us clefties are well aware that kids can be cruel. Now, I have no idea what life is like in middle/high school nowadays, but it is clear that she is setting an example for more than just her brothers and sisters in the cleft community and that's something to be extremely proud of. Way to be cleft strong, sister. 

  When I get back from this tour, I plan on scheduling a few more shoots with you pretty lady! Let's get our cleft community represented EVERYWHERE!

Zachary Rodetis-Urenda