Little Abraham!! This handsome fellah has some incredible repair work. As I was taking aim with my camera, I couldn't help but realize how easy his scar is to over look! He may not know it yet, but he is going to be such a handsome man. 

  I wish there was a sentence or phrase that would help you all understand the amount of excitement I get right before I meet another cleftie. Little did I know, that this time, Abraham's story was going to move me to tears. 

  Abraham was accompanied by his mother and grandmother for his "1in700" photoshoot. These two women have acted as beacons of hope and strength for him. When his cleft was discovered at the 20 week ultra sound, his mother was left alone. The usual fears and terrors plagued this new mother and now she was going to have to do this alone. That's when Grandma stepped in and told her she was MORE than capable of handling this. Abraham was healthy and that is what mattered. Once she shifted her focus (and with Grandma's help) Abraham and his mother began their cleft journey together. 

  Here they are, two years later..smiling, happy, healthy, and filled with love. He was a liiiiittle bummed he couldn't go swimming when he came over, but I promised him next time! 

Zachary Rodetis-Urenda