I can't sleep

  I can't sleep; so I am sitting on the balcony listening to the rhythmic sounds of the city. A distant siren here, a car honk there...it all just sounds so alive even in the dead of night. I am so active during the day, editing, planning, strategizing, creating, I forget how much my imagination expands at night. When everyone else lays their head and I can slowly bloom into fantasy. I can't sleep. 

  Lately, I find myself in the same chair on the balcony thinking about how far we have come already. It has become increasingly clear that "1in700" is going to change lives. With the word spreading so far and so quickly about this project, I have felt my soul shift into a place I have never been before. Pure, genuine, and complete happiness is rapidly overwhelming me. I can't sleep. To say I am excited would not do this feeling inside justice. I am so much more than just excited. I am in awe of the beauty these people have to share with the world. Some people would leap at the opportunity to be on camera. Clefties? We put on our armor to fight the fear society has shoved upon us for looking "different." Every person I have photographed so far walked into their photo shoot and checked their armor at the door. These soldiers granted me entrance into their most personal of spaces to capture something breathtaking. From the deepest part of my being, I thank you for your bravery. I can't sleep. 

   I watch children, teens, adults, elderly, all believe in the success of the project and with the highest of expectations. So, no, I can't sleep. Not because it's too much pressure, not because I'm scared of letting anyone down, and not because I'm terrified of failing. I can't sleep because I am exhilarated. We are ready to leap. 


Now, watch us rise.  

Zachary Rodetis-Urenda