Let me introduce Stacie Balasbas, from Gardena, California! Stacie and I have been checking in on each other's social media for a while now, I love her style. On our shoot day she brought her friend Tommy, a fellow photographer, and he takes most of her photos on her Instagram! He's got a cool style and they definitely get out and create often, which I admire always.  

  When Stacie and I began sharing our cleft journies together, I started to realize how much I could relate to her. Stacie told me she lost count of the amount of surgeries, that her number was more than 10. I couldn't quite even wrap my head around that. It had just become routine and she had only really kept track once the doctors told her she had one left. 

  I have made a new friend, met a cleft sister and was given the opportunity to be the first cleftie she has ever met in person too. That's a pretty great day if you ask me. 

Zachary Rodetis-Urenda