ENTRIES 12 & 13 - Joshua & Ezekiel Rodriguez

  Denver was not only the first leg of the "1in700" tour but also the first time I was greeted by cleft siblings in person! Joshua and his little brother Ezekiel were suuuuper shy when we first met. I tried breaking the ice a bit with just sharing a bit about my story and why I am doing this. I showed them my scar and smiled. They weren't sure how to handle this old dude getting all in their face with a camera haha. 


  While talking with their mother (and biggest fan) Joyce Rodriguez, I realized yet again what incredible parents those in the cleft community have. Joyce is a part of Dash For Smiles, a Colorado based organization that does an annual fundraiser. The "1in700" team is planning on attending this year at the end of July! I can't wait to witness such an amazing turnout. 

  After snapping several photos of these handsome dudes, I started asking them questions about what it was like going through school. I loved that these two just sat quietly next to each other. You could tell that sibling rivalry was minimal (still there for sure but minimal nonetheless) and that they cared about each other.  Ezekiel and Joshua had the typical cleftie eyes. I didn't hear them speak much at all, but that's just fine. We clefties are masters of communicating with our eyes. These boys did just that. 

  Growing up a middle child, I know what it's like to have this inexplicable desire to love and protect your siblings (regardless of how annoying they can be to you). These guys have a special bond, one I hope to have with the entire cleft community. 


  And now, here is the moment I captured with these two beautiful clefties.