Let's Talk About FUNDRAISING - What your money goes to?


  Fundraising is always such a tough topic. Especially when you are trying to fundraise for something you're so passionate about. I have found that the only way to make this as painless as possible is to fill you all in on where your money goes, what it does for the project, and how 1IN700 has benefitted from all of your generous donations. I want to be as transparent as possible along my process.  

   2016 was a pretty profitable year considering it was only year one! We collectively raised just under $10,000 from January 2016 to December 2016. After doing the math, taking into consideration merchandise sales..I was still shocked. This is a great outcome for our first year. But this year, I need to triple it. International travel is no joke (not to mention travel insurance for camera equipment). I am an avid traveler and am always ready to go, but the finances have to be there. This past year with sales and donations I was able to pay for six trips around the United States to photograph clefties. I was able to do so because of YOU guys. The readers, the benefactors, the random $1,000 (extremely generous) donators are the ones who made the 25,000 miles flown possible. I spoke at a couple cleft events, explaining about my project, found myself at large charity galas talking to a crowd about 1IN700, and all in all WE MADE MOVES. Awesome, necessary, ambitious moves. And now, I am ready to take it to the next step: International. 

  The money I need to raise per month for international travel is a little frightening, but I am going to take whatever travel comes my way whenever it comes. I am confident that once international travel starts, I will be able to accomplish a lot in a single trip. I am talented at maximizing my content amount on trips. Travel inspires me to capture, it's as simple as that. My camera is glued to my hand documenting whatever life changing journey I am on.  

  I have had families around the U.S. start fundraisers to bring me to a specific area. Those are the ones that seem to get the most attention from 1IN700. It's their own initiative to bring me there, one I am incredibly grateful for. Several places like Texas and Minneapolis took it upon themselves to raise the funds and bring me to their events.  

  I am excited for this year. I am confident. I am ready. Let's hit the ground running and make the moves we need. It's time to change gears and amp up the speed. We have all the tools now. We have been at this a year. We have built a community and educated others with our voice. Let's make the whole world hear us now.  

Zachary Rodetis-Urenda