S A N D Y   K R E I F


    Earlier this year I received an Instagram DM. It was to my surprise, a fellow cleftie and 1IN700 herself, simply said: "Can you call me? I'd love to support your project." Of course I picked up my phone and dialed away. A sweet, endearing voice greets me by referring to me as "AMAZING!" Sandy has a way with speaking to people. She made me feel on top of the world, that what I am doing is making a difference not only in her life but in the lives of millions of others. She very generously was the first person to donate $1,000, by far the largest donation I have ever received. We hollered, we laughed, we cried, we made plans. She helped me raise my head during a time where lifting this off seemed completely impossible. Sandy asked me, "Amazing, what do you need?" She explained how she was on her way to a meeting when she came across the 1IN700 campaign video and it just evoked tears. Not because she was sad, but rather because she felt a kinship for what I was saying. This is something that can open the eyes of society to our journey. Educate by getting in front of the camera, teach people by talking about it, learn more by taking a step back and listening. That is the goal of 1IN700 and it really resonated with our cleftie sister, Sandy Kreif.

  Now, I haven't had the opportunity to get Sandy in front of my camera just yet but showing my appreciation for her is long overdue. She has been extremely patient as 1IN700 has grown tremendously because of her significant donation. The kindness in her heart to donate before our 501c3 certification instils my faith into people. People like her, they get it and they care. So to the beautiful Sandy, you ARE appreciated, you ARE loved, and you WILL be a big part of this project. It is my goal to reinvest in those who first invested in me. 


Zachary Rodetis-Urenda